Socialists: Saying What We are For

Another title for this article might be – how do we respond to the right wing?  I recently listened to an exchange between Michelle Bachman and Senator Bernie Sanders (thank God he’s around).  As Congressman Bachman went through her talking points I found myself screaming at my CRT.  I called her every name I could think of.  Crazy?  Yes, I’m afraid so. It’s not good for the body to get so angry.

As socialists we need to be proactive and state what we are FOR – continually.  We are for protecting those most vulnerable – the young and the old.  We want early childhood education and protection for Social Security and pension funds.

We need to advocate for an evolution of our system, one which deemphasizes profits and advocates for workers’ receiving full value for their contribution, that is, for the value they add.   We need to be for equal rights always, not only for races, creed, and genders, but also for LGBT.  There should be no ambiguity here.

We need to be for environmental protection.

We need to be for single payer health care, while we are guardedly supportive of what President Obama is trying to do to alleviate health care want.

We need to be for family life as a protection against the capitalist system and the vicissitudes of life in general.

We need to be for worker control of enterprise.  This we need to advocate vigorously.
In short, the Wasatch Socialist Party needs to write a platform, describing what we are FOR!

We need to avoid attacks against opponents.  When we do that we argue on their turf and invite retribution and venom, which could be very harmful to all, to us particularly so, in the years ahead.

What do you think?

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