Did Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk) Use Steroids Or Natural?

Lou Ferrigno is a beast AKA The Hulk has defined figure, who has competed against Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Lou gained his nickname after cast as The Incredible Hulk while full name is Louis Jude Ferrigno.

The Hulk Body

He was a big star in Pumping Iron and play a documentary role In “Generation Iron”

Lou was considered as the largest bodybuilder of all the time.

Lou was born in New York and his family background from Italian.

Lou Ferrigno won the numerous competitions and trophies with an outstanding physique.

The achievements include Mr. Universe, a Mr. Olympia title in the year 1973 and 1974.

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He got 2nd position when competed against Arnold whereas place third in the year 1975.

Lou Ferrigno Started His Career

Lou had faced many difficulties since childhood because he lost hearing power as an infant.

The reason is some serious ear problems combined with an infection, so he was bullied in his home and school as well.

No one knows he was deaf, but later on, he would discuss his hearing problems that he never considered himself as a deaf.

His father was working in the police force that admired Lou for being strong

The success as an athlete pushes him towards a media and fitness industry.

Lou started weight training at the age of 13 years old and had lifted weights around 165 pounds. When he was only 16 years old

After graduating from the high school, he took part in the weightlifting competitions.

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Athlete Statistics Lou Ferrigno:
  • Weight of the body: 280-295Ibs (127.0 – 133.8 kg)
  • Height of the body: 6’5’’ (195.5cm)

Other Measurements:

  • Arms: 22.5’’
  • Chest: 59’’
  • Waist: 34’’
  • Thighs 29’’

Lou Ferrigno did not consider himself as any lack, he walked around 280-290 Ibs but sometimes he stepped on the stage with 315-320Ibs.

lou ferrigno the HulkLou was a legend in his time, looked amazing in the 70s and also in the 90s.

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His range of gaining weight had crossed the normal range, he was bigger with 20 to 40Ibs.

People often ask whether Lou Ferrigno took steroids or completely natural?

As with all of the bodybuilders we think that what types of steroids are used to build up an aesthetic physique.

Most of the people think that he probably uses the HGH and insulin in the steroid cycle for bigger the size.

If we talk about steroid and HGH use in the past, so it is not considered as a big issue as compared to today.

According to Lou physical appearance, it looks that he used HGH and an anabolic steroid in the cycle.

Lou Ferrigno Discussed Anabolic Steroids

In the interview with Tony Badal (former trainer), Lou mentioned that people think steroid because I was saying: I wanted to have the best aesthetic build body ever created.

Lou had against the anabolic steroid practice.

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Later, he admitted the use of an anabolic steroid combined with a training and said there are 90 percents of bodybuilders who use the steroids before and after the competition.

He used during competitive training.

Which Steroids Used By Lou Ferrigno?

When we look at his appearance so it seemed that he probably took the drugs for bulking and getting some strength.

He may be used, these below compounds.

1. Human Growth Hormone:

HGH is a hormone that have anabolic properties such as synthesis of protein, stimulate the growth of skeletal and muscular growth.

Human growth hormone is acting as a hammer in the competitive bodybuilding.

The use of this hormone has actually resulted in the bigger growth of muscles and enhance power, strength, and an endurance level.

The stacking of HGH and Insulin results in the development of steroid gut.

2. Dianabol:

Dianabol is one of the famous and well-known steroids in the bodybuilding.

It has an ability to increase muscle size and muscularity.

The reason, Lou incorporated dianabol into the bulking cycles for huge appearance.

D-bal is a first choice of an athlete and bodybuilders to win the Olympic games and a variety of competitions.

3. Primobolan:

In the bodybuilding, Primobolan is considered as the safe and effective steroids.

This anabolic steroid have a capability to Increase the nitrogen retention in the cells for building up the muscle mass.

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Lou Ferrigno Nutrition And Workout Training:

Lou Ferrigno Hercules Mr Olympia

1. Nutrition:

Lou nutrition is consists of a low-calorie diet and high carbohydrate diet.

In order to keep a high metabolism and providing the fuel to the body, he took 4-5 meals per day.

The calorie count is 3500 per day in which fish, eggs, meat, vegetable, and fruits included.

There are almost five meals as Meal 1 Listed With Oats, Milk, And Fruit, Meal 2 Included Chicken, Rice And Vegetables, Meal 3 Included Potato, Vegetables, And Lean Steak, Meal 4 Included Vegetables, And Fish With Rice Whereas Meal 5 Included With Eggs, And Vegetables.

2. Workout Training:

Lou workout training is followed a 3-day split routine.

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He trained each group of muscle twice a week.

There are 4-5 sets of each exercise followed by 6-10 reps.

He worked all of the days except Sundays for allowing a body to recover immediately.

Lou targets the chest and back on Monday, shoulders and arms on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, chest and back on Thursday, shoulder and arms on Friday, and legs on Saturday.

Assumption: Steroid Positive

Lou Ferrigno Hercules workoutThis is wrong that all of the bodybuilders and athletes think that they cannot achieve the maximum result without anabolic steroids.

The moderate dose of anabolic combined with a proper diet and exercises can contribute to achieve a good result.

Most of the bodybuilders used Anavar for cutting and strength.

Well, there are a massive debate that getting a result without a steroid is impossible

But we don’t have any right to say Lou had used anabolic steroids because at that time steroids are easily available and everyone was excited to try them.

We have a great lesson to learn from Lou Ferrigno is that we should never allow a negativity to affect your life.

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One thing is crucial to consider is that hard work and dedication towards goals will get your result.

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